Are you a child or young person?

If someone has mistreated you, you can get help. It could be an adult who, for example, has hit you or harmed you sexually. This is called abuse.

In the Faroe Islands it is forbidden to violate children. If you have been subjected to abuse, you need help to stop the abuse and recover. Even if it only happened once.

Watch the movie How can Child Werfare Services help?


What can you do?

You can contact the Child Welfare Services. Here you can find them and their phone numbers and email.

You can also contact the police directly on phone 114.

You can also talk to your teacher or another adult you trust about the abuse or mistreatment. They have a duty to help you notify the Child Welfare Services. The Child Welfare Service works to defend children so that they do not have to live in harmful and inappropriate conditions. The Child Welfare Service decides whether you need to come to The Children's House, and arranges for a connection with the Children’s House.

Although it may have been a long time since the abuse happened, you can report and get help because it is not okay to mistreat children.