The duty to notify the authorities

The Children’s Act clearly states that the general public and all those working with children are required to notify the Child Welfare Services or the police if they suspect that any child is living in unacceptable conditions. Children in the Faroe Islands are to be protected from all violence - sexual, physical or psychological - both within and outside the home.

A distinction is made between ordinary citizens and those who are in contact with children in their work. Those who work with children have a stricter obligation to notify, which means that a suspicion of unacceptable circumstances is enough to be obliged to notify.

It can be difficult to know for sure when a child is being neglected or abused, but as a citizen you have a duty to notify the authorities if you have knowledge of such conditions. You must also notify them if you know of a pregnant woman endangering the life of her unborn child, when it is assessed that there is a need for support, for example due to alcohol or drug abuse or for social or psychological reasons.

You can submit a note of concern by contacting the Child Welfare Services in the area where the child or pregnant woman lives.

See how you can contact the Child Welfare Services here.

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