Child protection service in the Faroe Islands

Most children and young people in the Faroe Islands grow up in safe and caring environments. But not all children are as fortunate and these can be in need of assistance. All municipalities in the Faroe Islands have local Child Welfare Services. Anyone with concerns about a child’s welfare can contact their service.

How can I contact the Child Welfare Services?

The duty to notify the authorities

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The role and structure of the Faroese Child Welfare services

Parents are responsible for providing care and protection for their children. However, if they are unable to do so, the Child Welfare Services is obliged by law to provide whatever help necessary to ensure that children and adolescents receive the care they need.

The Child Welfare Services provide help and support to children, adolescents and parents who are experiencing challenges or difficulties within the family. The Child Welfare Services may also get involved if a child needs help for other reasons, such as behavioural issues connected to drugs or alcohol.


Who we are

Barnaverndarstova Føroya - the Child Protection Agency in the Faroes - is an institution whose primary task is to provide the Child Welfare Services with solid guidance and advice so that they can provide children, young people and families in need of help and support with appropriate, high-quality assistance.

Our main areas of responsibility are:
1.    To provide advice and supervise training for the Child Welfare Services
2.    To appoint and administer the foster parent system
3.    To administer and coordinate the work in Children’s House