How can I contact the Child Welfare Services?

Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they need help and support to provide proper care for their children. The Child Welfare Services have a duty to provide help to families in such cases.

Many people find it difficult to contact the Child Welfare Services, due to worry that their children will be removed from home. Removing a child from its home is only considered an option in extreme cases. It is a very serious measure to take – both for the children and the parents, and there must be a very good cause before this step is taken. Most families in contact with the Child Welfare Services receive support measures to help the family at home.


Send an email or a letter

You can send an email or a letter in which you explain that you are in need of help and would like an appointment with the Child Welfare Services. You can also send a letter if you are concerned about a child. You will have to include a short explanation of the concern, whom it concerns and how the Child Welfare Service can contact the person in question.


By telephone

You can phone the Child Welfare Service belonging to the municipality the child lives in. You will be able to speak to a member of the Child Welfare Services about your concerns. You will be given advice and tips about what you should do next. You can remain anonymous. Find your local office.


Ask for a meeting

If you would like to meet the Child Welfare Services in person, you can set up an appointment for a meeting.

If you would like to have a meeting, call the Child Welfare Services and ask if they have time to meet with you. You will be able to talk about your concerns and receive advice and guidance on what you should do next.  You may take someone with you for support. Ask for an interpreter if you need one.


Anonymous notification

If you consider that it is necessary to remain anonymous, you can tell the Child Welfare Service not to disclose your name. Anonymous means that those you refer to are not told who you are.

If you send a letter without a name/sender, or if you send an anonymous email, you are anonymous. You can also call anonymously.