How to send a note of concern


If you notice that a child is living in conditions that may harm their mental or physical development, you have a duty to notify the Child Welfare Services.

How can I contact the Child Welfare Services?



If you are concerned about a child, observe the child and note experiences where its behaviour is deviant. The same applies to the behaviour of the parents.

There are no formal requirements for a note of concern, but try to make the description clear. Explain what you have seen, what the child has said or special events without making your own interpretations.

A note of concern can be delivered both in writing and orally, and you can notify anonymously. Contact the Child Welfare Services in your area if you have a notification.

If there are signs of violence or other culpable conditions, you can either contact the police or the Child Welfare Services who will decide whether the matter should be reported to the police.

Note of concern from those who work with children

Note of concern from citizens

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